LAUNDRY DAY #glamlife (at Point Laundry)

I bought 16 bath bombs from lush—one for each week of the semester, creating the best smelling hourglass ever #selfcare


And I have now finished the fat positive drawing! I’m quite pleased with it.

This is to remind people that the word fat is not a negative term, and shouldn’t be treated as an insult. I hope you can all remember that, and I hope it helps some people to know that fat is not a bad word. Maybe it’ll stop people from calling themselves fat in a negative way, or saying to someone “no, you’re not fat, you’re beautiful!” when they should probably be saying “yes, you are fat, and you’re beautiful”.

This artwork is also available on my Society6 (with free shipping and $5 off until midnight PST), and Redbubble, so spread the positivity!


what a beautiful day to not be in high school

Buds. (at Grand Rapids, Michigan)

Eleanor found a pretty sweet spot #phdog

Yeah, I’m 30.

Eleanor knows how to party

Reading the mint leaves

Trial run of my cinnamon pops #sunday #littlevaginas (at Lansing, Michigan)